Second visit to Romania, new experience on the wood-pastures from Cluj

From the 30th of August to 6th of September, the coordinator group from Germany visited Romania for the 2nd time within the project. During the trip, another 11 wood-pastures, this time from Cluj-Napoca surroundings, were visited and interviews with the people from the regions took place.

In contrast to the first expedition, this time, the wood-pastures systems were presented in a different prospective, as in the Cluj-Napoca region the real concept of wood-pastures is disappearing more and more caused by urbanization and industrialised agricultural practices. As a proof, a simple feature is that we don´t see old trees that often anymore as in the Sighisoara region. Still, there were created some unique systems which equilibrates the relation animals-pastures with trees as could be seen in the Deusu and Sansimion villages for example.

Some of the wood-pastures films and the interviews will be available on the webpage as well as on the Youtube channel soon.

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