Combining wood-pastures and science

This time the wood-pastures will be captured as a subject in the PhD thesis of our colleague Pop Mihai.

-“My name is Pop Mihai. Graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Science at UBB Cluj-Napoca, of the Master’s degree in the field of GPM (Environmental Management and Protection) and PhD student at the UBB Geography PhD School.

My scientific interests at the moment are mainly related to the biocultural values of Transylvanian wood-pastures. In this way I have become part of the project, because the topics of study I propose are similar to the themes of this project.
Considering that the scope of the project and the study themes are very broad, I decided to start my doctoral studies in this sense, in order to research as much as possible related to wood-pastures.
Thus, my future as an expert in this field I believe will be full of research activities, many new discoveries and personal achievements that will result in several scientific articles.”

More information was provided by him in an interview that will be posted on our page.

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