Braniștea, Saschiz

This wood-pasture near Saschiz (German: Keisd; Hungarian: Szászkézd) has more than 40 old trees, including oaks, pears, hornbeams and wild apples, on an area of 110 hectares. The oldest tree is estimated to be at least 250-300 years old and measures a trunk circumference of over 600 cm. The border between the pasture and the surrounding forest, which encloses the wood-pasture, is approximately 100-150 years old and has quite different tree species.

The forest pasture as well as the surrounding forest have recently become part of the project “SilviCultural Museum” (, initiated by the local action group “Dealurile Târnavelor”. The project is based on the perception that in this landscape there are different silvicultural practices, from ancient cattle breeding to modern forestry. The biodiversity of this wood-pasture is exceptional and characteristic of the ancient oak forests in this region of Transylvania.

The fortress of Saschiz was a Saxon fortress built in 1347 for defense and food storage. The hill on which it is located is called Burchreech (fortress hill) in Saxon dialect.

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