Mercheașa wood-pasture

The next film in our series is now available on Youtube. This time the ancient oak wood-pasture near Mercheașa (German: Streitfort; Hungarian: Mirkvásár) is presented. With a size of over 1200 hectares, this wood-pasture is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The number of oaks with a trunk circumference of at least 400 cm (measured at a height of 130 cm) exceeds 450. The largest oak even measures a proud 927 cm trunk circumference and is estimated between 500 and 900 years old. It has its own name: “The old of the Carpathians” (Romanian: Bătrânul Carpaților).

The biodiversity of the Mercheașa wood-pasture includes internationally protected plants, beetles, amphibians, birds and large carnivores. It is currently extensively grazed by cattle, buffalo, goats, horses and sheep. In addition to the large oaks, an important element of the pasture are the 300 temporary ponds with their special biodiversity.

Recently, the wood-pasture became known through the initiative “Gorun Trail Mercheașa” (, organized by the Asociatia Carpaterra (



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